How to Clean Shoe Polish on Your Carpet?

So this time it is the shoe-polish that made your carpet look dirty. Well just relax; no matter how careful you try to be. It happens. It’s not a big deal to wash it off at home without any extra efforts. 

You can do it at home, and you know what the most amazing thing is? These methods will make the carpet as clean as commercial cleaning. I have come up with 2 methods. You can choose any of them for the carpet cleaning at home, in case the stains are because of the shoe polish.

Method 1

  • First of all, take a knife or any metal scale. (You can use a butter knife for more convenience)
  • Now scrape off the shoe polish gently.
  • Now take a sponge and a dry-cleaning solvent. (Instead of dry-cleaning solvent you can use a detergent in the hot water)
  • Now the next step is to blot this solution on the stain made by the shoe-polish. Keep blotting until all the liquid gets disappeared.
  • The next step is also a solution making. Take one tablespoon of ammonia and add it to the dish-detergent and the water solution again. 
  • Now spread this solution on the shoe-polish stain carefully.
  • Keep it on the carpet for some time. 
  • Bloat it again when it will get absorbed.
  • Keep blotting and wash with clean cold water when the stain will disappear.

Tip: Do not make the use of unknown chemicals. It can be harmful to your health. Besides that, they can cause any reaction to allergy as well.

Polish on Your Carpet

Method 2

The next method can be a bit surprising for you. Do you use nail polish? Well somebody at your home must use it. So they will also have nail polish remover to remove it. This nail polish remover is very helpful. You can use it as more than removing the nail-polish. You can use it in the removal of nail polish from the carpet as well.

  • First of all, take a nail-polish remover and drop this liquid generously on the carpet according to the size of the carpet and the intensity of the stain.
  • You can pour it directly, without mixing any other liquid or water in it.
  • Now you need to rub the effective area gently. You can take the help of a cloth or sponge to do this process.
  • If you have a dry-cleaning liquid at home then it would be a cherry on the cake.
  • Use some drops of dry-cleaning liquid. Put them on the carpet.
  • The next step is to take a detergent with a non-bleach formula. 
  • Add it into the warm water and then spread over the stain. 
  • Rub it for some time with the scrubber or white cloth.
  • Now take a tablespoon of ammonia and make a solution of ammonia with water.
  • Finally pour this mixture on the dirty area of the carpet cleaning in Tarneit. You are advised to wear gloves while performing this process.
  • Keep scrubbing and you will see that the stain has vanished.
  • Bloat it and dry it.

That’s all; your carpet is clean again, if you are facing many types of problems regarding carpets, so, book an appointment with our company experts today.